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It is no secret that password expiration annoys just about everyone on the planet. Even with the advent of SSO and Password Vaults to help ease the pain…its still an unpleasant experience. I change the password to my bank account and then I have to re-validate my financial aggregator followed by my mobile and desktop apps and pretty much everything else that relies on a security token associated with that credential.

Having worked in the security industry building Identity Management software for 20 years, I have a few thoughts about this.


Why is password expiration even a thing?

Passwords went through an evolution. First it started…

Tumbling clear waters. A patchwork of boulders and gravel bottoms. White chutes that open up into deep green foamy pools. The beautiful pulsating surround-sound of cicadas that seems to last till eternity. The delicate take of a trout as it slowly sips a dry fly. Sun rays struggling to break through the thick canopy of the mountain forest. These are all the memories I desperately try to re-create over and over again every time I visit a trout stream.

…then there are those other days.

You know them well. High winds creating whitecaps across the smallest of water. The elegant…

Oh, the agony and celebration of getting Windows nodes joined to a Kubernetes cluster. This article dives into some of the challenges I faced and their resolution in the quest to get scalable, self-healing windows containers running within a Kubernetes cluster.

Preparing the Master node

There are many how-to articles for prepping a Kubernetes cluster to accept Windows nodes. They seem to be all over the map in terms of preparation steps one performs prior to calling the final “kubectl join” command. Here was the magic combination that worked for our environment.

On the Master Node:

  1. Download the latest flannel CNI from:
  2. Modify…

At work, we’ve been applying the full press on getting over to a containerized world where our devops and production machines are definable as code (Infrastructure-as-Code) and treated like cattle instead of pets. But, every once in a while, we invariably experience a reality check on Microsoft’s container support and *cough* reliability.

Containers are the new hotness. Microsoft’s use of containers is still maturing. …

I’ve been having intermittent issues with my Dell XPS 15 9560 since the day I bought it 2 years ago. It would freeze momentarily and cause stuttering of the mouse from time to time doing normal activities. It wasn’t until I threw Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on the laptop when I discovered the root of the problems.

Turns out, it was the “Power Limit Throttling” and “Thermal Throttling” that was the source of all the problems with performance. …

Mike Koziel

I am a longtime software builder, fly fisher and professional musician. Living in Montana allows me to follow all of my passions in life.

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